Thousands of satisfied users around the world consider BannerUp to be the premier, top quality retractable banner stand (roll-up) on the market. This patented product was developed by us in 1999 and is the ultimate portable display product for quick presentations and sales people on the road – just pull and be seen!


The cassette and its roller mechanism are extremely rugged and built to last and the unit is guaranteed for 10 years. One of its main features is the patented quick change graphic system which will save you both time and money. Today you can choose between different models, colours, widths, heights and an outstanding selection of accessories to fulfil all your needs and requirements.


The latest addition to the BannerUp product range is Cabrio, the first roll-up on the market with interchangeable logo plates - another unique invention from Mark Bric. This enables you to completely customise your next banner display in both colour and with brand identity.


Main Features/Benefits of the Mark Bric BannerUp

  • Guaranteed for 10 Years. If it breaks… we fix it!
  • Failure rate of less than 0,1% - Less than 1 in 1000 units needs repair.
  • The heavy duty cassette protects the banner and the rewind mechanism against shocks and other damages - extra thick 1,8 mm / 0.070” aluminium makes it the toughest unit on the market.
  • Retracting mechanism is extremely rugged and built to last. 50 mm (2.125”) diameter aluminium roller and heavy duty steel spring delivers bullet-proof endurance.
  • Accepts all substrates up to a recommended maximum thickness of 0,45 mm ranging from the thinnest of printable fabrics to laminateencapsulated films.
  • Install or change banners in seconds with Patented Banner Quick Change (no need for additional cartridge) - (US Pat. # 7,040,372; Eur. Pat. # 1285421; China Pat. ZL00819992.2).
  • Standard mounting rails use only 3M brand-VHB adhesive tape for maximum security.
  • Optional snap-lock Mark Bric BannerRailTM top rail for mechanical clamping of especially difficult banner materials.
  • Easy Tension Adjustment--Adjust to suit, re-tension in the field.
  • Rewind path prevents cassette from scratching banner surface.
  • Presents banner vertically, straight-up, thanks to careful design and heavy-duty steel support poles.
  • Sectional support pole provides many benefits – use the top section to erect tall banners without the need for ladders or high-reaches; no shock cords to break.
  • Equipped with 4 hideaway swivel stabilizer feet—use 2, 4, or none, depending on need.
  • Available 50w halogen spotlight alternatively 18W LED spotlight mounts to the top rail without clamps or screws, designed for safety and compatibility in venues worldwide.
  • Each unit is packed in a unique padded vinyl/canvas carrying bag, designed to protect against shock.
  • Hard-shell molded transport case (“flight-case”) is also available as an accessory for the popular 88 cm (3 ft.) model.
  • Each unit includes an accessory pack comprised of complete instructions, nylon push pins (use as desired for added banner-attachment security) and top-rail connecting strip to align multiple banners side by side.
  • Multi-height capability, beginning at tabletop height and up to 3 meters (10 ft.) height!
  • Available in 7 widths: 25 cm (10”), 60 cm (2 ft.), 88 cm (3 ft.), 100 cm (3.3 ft.), 120 cm (4 ft.), 150 cm (5 ft.), 240 cm (8 ft.), with double sided model available in the popular 88 cm (3 ft.) width.
  • Available in 2 colours: Silver and black.
  • The Mark Bric “Big Plus” units of up to 4,5 sqm graphic area offer completely new and improved possibilities to display photos and text messages in retractable (roll-up) banner cassettes.
  • Large quantity orders can be customized in terms of colour, width, height etc.
  • Well over 100.000 units sold, tested and proven around the world.